The Associates

We are a network of experienced Directors and Managers with a broad range of skills.  We work with your organisation when required - then we leave.

David Smart

David has worked at a senior level in both the Public and Private Sectors. He has an enviable reputation for being able to solve challenging problems and deliver positive results. He focuses on improving the sustainability of organisations through the analysis of data to develop effective solutions.

Derek Smith

Derek is a Chartered Accountant with over thirty years experience of working in senior Finance roles.  He has worked as a Finance Director and Financial Controller for international multinational corporations.  He uses his exceptional technical knowledge to help organisations to make informed strategic and tactical decisions.

Emily Woolard

Emily has a first class honours degree from Oxford. She has worked in senior roles in Private Banking and Wealth Management and completed complex financial and operational reviews.  Within the DWS Associates team, Emily leads on Strategy Development, Market Appraisal and Communications.

Emily Woolard.jpg

Anne Smart

Anne originally trained as a Market Researcher.  Over her 30 year career she has worked in Marketing, IT and Finance.  In the past decade she has worked in senior roles with Charities, Social Enterprises and private sector trading companies.  She has a proven ability to develop complex business cases, secure funding, increase trading revenues, develop policy and procedures and build volunteer networks.  She is fully conversant with the regulatory and governance frameworks that apply to the third sector.

Alice Masson

Alice is a graduate with a MA Distinction in International Business and Modern Languages. She has a background in marketing-based consultancy having worked on creating promotional strategy for start-up companies. As a consultant for DWS she works on marketing strategy and engagement. She draws on her extensive range of communication skills to create engaging visuals and inspire thought-provoking conversation.

Our Affiliates 

Bill Pearson

Bill has over 30 years experience of acting as a Transformation Coach.  He uses a blend of coaching, mentoring and management consultancy techniques to help businesses address issues and seize opportunities.  Bill is sensitive to the cultural environments within organisations and has the ability to modify his delivery to ensure buy in and rapid deployment of solutions.

Andrew Smart

Andrew is an honours graduate Computer Scientist with particularly strong skills in applications development - he secured a first class award in his final year dissertation using AI to create music.  He provides all IT support to DWS Associates.  He has experience of working in multi-national, multi-cultural teams in North America, Africa, South East Asia and Europe.  Most recently he has worked on a project in Switzerland researching, recommending and installing a new EPOS system at an large activity centre.

Caitlin Smart

Caitlin is an honours graduate Economist.  She achieved a first class award for her final year dissertation exploring the relationship between changes to societal behavior and economic impacts.  Caitlin completes research assignments and provides input quantifying economic impacts.